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Have you ever wondered.......

  1. ...why there's so much poverty and hunger in the world and can that cycle be broken?

  2. …if hunger was part of God's plan ?

  3. ...why the traditional solutions to reduce poverty are not working?

  4. …if there are safe, economical ways for people to grow food for their families?

  5. …what our role is in efforts to alleviate hunger, poverty, and poor resource stewardship?

  6. …if answers that make a difference to these complex issues even exist?

Living Seeds Initiative

P.O. Box 296, Van, TX 75790    903.963.1850   


  1. Living Seeds Initiative exists to enlighten, equip and empower others to engage in these complex issues, facilitating transformation of both the heart and the soil.


Sustainable Agriculture School to be held in Arua, Uganda, July 9 - December 8, 2017
Application deadline - June 30, 2017
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